Adapter startstop


i am building a utility through which i want to start/stop all the adapters running on a particular broker.Suppose the adapter monitor process is configured on the source end on different boxes . i have a confusion where the adapter instances will be running.whether it will run on the broker end or on the adapter monitor process. in this situation how i can start/stop the adapters using adapter_restart command in WM.

if i use

adapter_restart -stop clientid broker@server:port

on a remote broker it throws me an error…

Can anybody share your thoughts on this…


Hi, Murali.

What is the error thrown? And what platform are you running?

As much information as you can provide will help in identifying the problem.

adapter_restart must be run on the machine containing the adapters. If the machine is a unix machine, you can try using the remote shell command “rsh” to remotely run the adapter_restart on a different machine. See the man pages on “rsh” for usage and restrictions. I am not familiar with an equivalent command in the PC world.

Good luck…

What I have done is to run adapter_ping from a machine that has the abiltiy to ssh to all the remote servers running the adapters. Using awk to parse the output of the adapter_ping information, the script then uses ssh to login into the remote machine and execute adapter_restart for each adapter.

I would stay away from rsh as the number of security related issues to the r-tools is extremely high and easily give a hacker the abiltity to gain root access. In the PC world both ssh and rsh are availible to do the same thing, along with the UNIX Services for Windows to provide awk abilities to the windows command prompt for batch scripting.

I am currently looking at adapter_manager to see if I can just execute the adapter_restart remotely.

Can Anybody write an example of adapter_ping command

Hi, Mary.

Try adapter_ping -timeoutvalue yourbrokername@yourhostmachine:yourport

For example, I may use adapter_ping -30

The adapter_ping command resides in the Enterprise Server’s /bin directory.

Hello everybody

I am having trouble getting this to work as well.
My Broker & adapters are running on a remote win2k machine but I can’t manage to restart them (we need this because our WorldNotifyAdapter doesn’t work properly anymore after our AS400 machine reboots, until we restart the adapter)
I created a .bat-file to stop/start the adapters and this is the output I get:
Stopping the WorldNotify-adapter on emeaxpi01:6859
Adapter process “XPIeWorldNotify” on broker “WorldBrokerTEST@xxx:6859” not
found in configuration!
Adapter stopped!
Restarting the WorldNotify-adapter on emeaxpi01:6859
Adapter process “XPIeWorldNotify” on broker “WorldBrokerTEST@xxx:6859” not
found in configuration!
Adapter restarted!

Does it really have to be executed from the computer where the adapters reside?

Hi Mcoene,

I suggest you look at Adapter Manager. It is a handy tool and it will allow you to stop/start adapters remotely with lot of ease.



Hello Chirag,
Thanks for your quick reply!

I’m using the XPI toolset with my brokers & adapters, so I don’t have the adapter manager. I do have another tool at my disposal, but our intention was to do this unattended… So we were looking at some sort of script using the commands in the /bin directory

Hi Matthias,

adapter_restart will still work for you, but it needs you to provide client id and stuff like that, which makes it tricky for you. Secondly, it may not update config file used by adapter_monitor, so in case of Adapter_monitor restart, you may find, that the adapter that you had stopped has started again.

the tool from command-line are ideal for restarting troubled adapters (which may have gone done due to any document failing, or any exception thrown from within).



Adapter Manager is one of the tool to remotely manage Enterprise will have to create adapter_procmon to monitor remotely.
you can create adapter_procmon add command to manager it.
It’s 5.0 tool.
I have used it extensively and it wroks very well.

Hi Chirag,

I am testing the adapter_restart command and I get strange results.
I started testing on my own pc locally, and I got the same error if I used Broker@localhost. It seems I HAVE to use Broker@ComputerName

When I use the same command but change clientID (= AdapterName I hope?) and Broker (= Broker@RemoteLocation), I get this error:
Adapter process “XPIeWorldNotify” on broker “WorldBrokerTEST@xxx:6859” not
found in configuration!

which configuration does he mean? Do I need to change a config file or do I need to change one of my parameters?
Thanks for helping!

It means the exact words written in the “adapters.cfg” file used from wM as the store file to record the adapter setup.

Try to find that file on the Ms machine and write the command referring exactly at the same words you find in that file.