Adapter services getting deleted

Hi All,
for some weird reason my adapter services(not all jus 1,not any 1 particular ) getting deleted, it happened a couple of times.Last Friday i did testing and went home n just ran 1 more testing then i got an error saying can’t invoke unknown service adapter.
Any idea?


Version of wm, type of adapter?

Try re-loading the package and check if you are gettig any error or not and package is getting loaded completely or partially.

i’m Using Version 6.1 and JDBC adapter is select .


Unless somebody deletes it physically it won’t get deleted…

BTW,when it gets deleted did you check in the packages\yourcustompackage\ns… folder is the service shows up there??

Also check in the server log also you should see entries in it incase any package/services new added/deleted during any point of time…