Adapter polling notification ERROR (The conversion from LONGVARBINARY to BLOB is unsupported)

Hi all,

i have a simple polling notification

but when i tried to enable, i got this error.
could you please help what happened to my polling notification?
i just need email data

this is jdbc version i have


Hi Junedi,

this is a common known issue.

BLOBs are not supported by the Notifications.
Workaround is to remove the BLOB column from the Notification itself while only selecting the simple metadata incl. a unique identifier in the table.
While the notification is processing the data, you can then get BLOB with a Select-Adapter Service by using the unique identifier retrieved by the notification.


Hi Holger,

thanks for replied.
i don’t have BLOB in type in my table actually.

i checked to the sql db it self, and there is no BLOB type.