Adapter Notification

I want to know how can i create single insert adapter notification for multiple tables.Please disscus with example and reply as soon as possible.

As your question is create single Insert Adapter Notification for multiple tables…i think you can’t do this.
because Insert Notification is comes under Local_Transaction and under this we can’t deal with multiple table.

So u can’t achieve this scenario in this way.

Please correct me if i am wrong.


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You can go with Order Notification…

You use Ordered Notifications to monitor multiple insert, update, or delete operations on
one or more tables for a given database by creating a single notification using the same
publishable document.


What Venu is pointing to is, Basic notification…

Using this method, you will have to manually create buffer table and database trigger. You could write your own logic in this database trigger to monitor tables that you wanted to and write those details to buffer table…


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