Adapter Notification

What is main use of the resource type like Buffer Table, Trigger and Sequence that come up whenever we configure a insert/update/delete notification?

I am not clear on the use of the Resource Type Sequence .

These resources are used for Adapter Notifications.
When you create an adapter notification, webMethods will create a buffer table, a trigger and a sequence in the scheam .
Depending on the type of that notifcation (insert/update/delete)
as soon as the data column is changed (inserted/updated/deleted)in the schema table, the trigger is fired and this trigger publishes the publishable document created while creating adpter notification.

Go through WmJDBCAdapterUserGuide guide present in softwareag for detail description

Hi Srikanth,
You will have a actual table where data gets inserted. The database trigger will take a copy of the inserted data (in case of insert notification) from the actual table and inserts into the buffer table… All these happens in the database level…

In webMethods you will mention a polling interval while creating notification… At those intervals, it checks the buffer table for any data… If it finds the data, then webMethods Adapter pulls the data, publishes it to Broker and deletes the data from Buffer table…

Hope this helps… For more details, refer Jdbc adapter guide…


Hi All,
do we need to have connection to DB from some dedicated user or anyuser should work as I am facing issue and my buffer table is not getiing populated with data.

Hello Varinder,

Please check if your database trigger has created properly? As you mentioned, if the data is not getting populated in buffer table, so I believe the DB trigger has some problem.

Please check and let us know the status.


can any one post package regarding to adapter notifications
regarding changing the data column, trigger get fired and how trigger publishes the publishable document created while creating adapter notification

while working with adapter notification,

          while running the adapter notification, providing the inputs the notifications service will not be inserted into database table.

so that why when running the adapter notification it asks several inputs,

       where as while working adapter services the data will be inserted into the database.

can any one provide information regarding to the above things