Adapter nofication not monitoring insert activity

I’m using webMethods 10.3, I created adapter insert notification to monitor insert activity on database. But it didn’t insert to buffer table. It didn’t show any error while I was enabling the polling notification. The database itself already granted permission.

What could cause this to happen?

1)check for server logs, while enabling the insert notification, if no logs increase logging level to debug / trace (logging > IS> JDBC)
2)check whether db. components (trigger, seq, buffer table) created by insert notification are active on database.
3) connection username has proper access ( r/w) on the required db resources

Relatedly, I would suggest seriously considering always using the basic notification and never the activity-specific notifications.

Use basic notification to be able to control the database elements directly rather than have the adapter manage them. When the adapter manages these elements they are sometimes dropped and recreated when you don’t anticipate that to happen–which can result in missing data activity that you wanted to capture.

The only meaningful difference between basic and the others – with basic, the staging table and trigger need to be created explicitly. The other types create them for you but there are drawbacks to that: 1) elevated permissions required which DB teams often do not prefer/permit; 2) if the notification is disabled (intentionally or otherwise), the DB objects are dropped – which is almost never what was intended/desired.