Adapter Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365

I belong a IS version 9.10 on Premise and I’m very interesting to use wmCloud Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 but for this I need wM CloudStreams package.
In this link there is tutorial but I don"t know how to find the wmCloudStreams package.

I don’t know if it is enable for my architecture neither if I have something to buy to use it.

Hi Vital ,

Other approach without using Cloud Streams connectors can be :

You can connect to Dynamics 365 CRM via Microsoft Azure , you can get authorization token.

Using the authorization token you can call the CRM Odata REST APIs almost for all the entities on CRM there is Odata REST API available.

Hi Vital,

Please make sure that you installed the CloudStreams Server 9.10 along with IS as shown in the screen shot CloudStreams Server 9.10.PNG.
If installed then login to IS and navigate to Packages ->Management ,you will find wmCloudStreams package along with other details.


CloudStreams Server 9.10.PNG

Thanks for your answer.
I Guess the CloudStreams Server is another license I have to buy independently from my IS license ?
If yes, is it redundant with an On Premise architecture ?
If I need to know the price, I guess I have to see that with SAG directly.

Yes, Please check with SAG directly regarding license and price