Adapter Manager

I have installed WebMethods Adapter 4.1.1 and able to configure new adapters also using Adapter Configuration tool. But i could not find the Adapter Manager tool used for remote Adapter management installed. Can anyone help me on this i could not find a seperate installer for the Adapetr Manager in the Webmethods Product download page.

Adapter Manager is a seperate download. If it’s not enabled on your download section, you should contact for enabling it.



I will contact the Webmethods doe this. Thanks Shyam for the timely information.


I have had a problem in using the adapter manager. Has anybody experienced the similar?

I installed Adapter Manager Tool on a Windows NT and a Windows 2000. In both machines, ES 4.1.1 was installed. The adapter manager tool works well on Windows 2000 machine, but does not work completely in Windows NT environment. The problem is the adapter manager tool cannot process the adapter real-time information. The error message from the adapter maanger tool is like:

[Tool] (801) Adapter did not respond to Adapter::lookup document. (This message does not repeat while the adapter process remains non-responsive.)

However, I traced the broker. The Adapter manager tool did receive an reply for Adapter::lookup: Adapter::adapter. But, the adapter manager tool did not process the reply and gave out the error message.

In Window 2000, the correct message is like:

[Tool] (800) Received Adapter::adapter document. (This message does not repeat while …)

Besides Adapter::adapter, the Adapter Manager tool received also other docuemtns from adapter monitor, such as:

Is your NT Environment updated with it’s latest platform servicepacks ? This could explain the different behaviour.



Yes, I have updated the ES with BrokerCore_4-1-1_SP16_WIN in both NT and 2000 environments. Otherwise, the 2000 Environment would not work.
Have I installed the correct one (it is the latest servicepacks)?


Actually, I mean like NT4 Service Pack 6a…
ZGW, do you have an e-mail adres where I can send you some idea’s? We can check certain things and post the outcome here.

webMethods Enterprise Tools/Adapter Manager 4.6

I think you need the webMethods Enterprise Adapter Manager 4.6 Service Pack 1.
It’s available for download at Advantage under Product Service Packs, webMethods Enterprise Tools.
It’s solves a lot of bugs.

Yes, the webMethods Enterprise Adapter Manager 4.6 Service Pack 1 solved my problem. The adapter manager tool is working now.

Thanks, Shyam.

ZGW just informed me that installing the service pack solves this problem.