Adapter for COM Application


Is there a standard or intelligent adapter to connect to COM Application?
If not, what is the preferred way to connect to it?


webMehtods has a ActiveX/ COM API. Look in the wment\bin directory for the following files:

awcom40.ocx - awc40.dll
awcom40s.ocx - awc40s.dll
awcom40sx.ocx - awc40sx.dll

If you are using ES version 5, replace the 40 with 50.

I’ve used it with VB (not a lot though) and it works quite nicely. Hope it helps.


How does performance compare between using a COM adapter or a java component?

We use C# - has anyone tried an adapter for a .NET class library?

Enable the WmWin32 package. This package contains services you can use to invoke methods on COM
objects. This package also contains samples, such as sample Visual Basic services. The WmWin32 package is installed, but is not enabled when you install webMethods Integration Server.