Adapter connections/listener/Notifications monitoring

Hello Techies,

wM IS Version
webMethods SAP Adapter Version
JDBC Adapter Version 6.5

How to check created/deleted/Modified history/log of SAP/JDBC Adapter conncetions/listener/Notifications.

The issue is some adapter connections are deleted by someone.

How to track these activity.

who which when deleted/modified the connections/listener/Notifications?

Thanks in Advance.

You can have a check on server logs. Not sure whether it will tell you the user/developer who deleted or modified.

For SAP I remember that we have a logging facility on the SAP adapter page itself.

HTH :slight_smile:

Restrict access to IS Admin page for users. Change ‘Administrator’ password instead of working around, who deleted what, and how to track etc.,


unfortunately webMethods is not that good for Source controlling and monitoring of assets on who deleted/added/etc

Yes this would be to start with and manage the IS env or give read-only access to the IS Admin via custom dsp’s