Adapter Connection to Oracle RDB

Hello All
we are trying to Connect to one of out Legacy Systems Oracle RDB , downloaded ,thin Driver for the same for Oracle Download, when trying to Create A Adapter Connection returning an error “data source class cannot be found” if some one can help or faced Similar Issue?, or if Some knows the Data Source class that should be used ?
Thanks in Advance


I strongly suspect that SAG JDBC Adapter is not supported (6.5 version of JDBC) to integrate with Oracle RDB, you might want to check with SAG support on that.

What is the driver name that you are using to connect to the database?

If it is not supported but you still want to connect to the DB (for a POC) then i would suggest write a Java program to make a connection to the Database.

I believe there are code snippets that are available on the internet for this purpose.


the Driver we are using is Rdbthin Driver and used the Data Source Class is as Suggested " oracle.rdb.jdbc.rdb.Thin.Driver"
please Suggest can we use Adapter rather use custom Code
Thanks in advance

Put the jar file in the path indicated by the JDBC adapter guide. The class in question needs to be on the JVM classpath to be found.