Adapter Configurator needs root on Solaris?

Is it possible to run the adapter_config as a different user from the software owner? Do we need root? We got the error message below (eai is the software owner):

Unable to start process: setUser: you must be running as user “root” to set the user id to “eai”

How do you have the permissions set on the adapter config executable? Are you running the executable directly, or is there a shell script that you run to start it? What are the permissions on the adapters.cfg file (and the directories it lives in)? You’ll need permissions to all these things to run adapter config.

If you’re wanting to run as a non-root user, you really should have the adapter monitor configured as that user as well. You can do that with the -config and -unconfig options to the adapter monitor program. I believe that the install guide explains how to use those options, or you can pass the ? option to get online help for adapter monitor.


Actually, what we are trying to do is to run the adapter configurator using a different owner from the software owner. The sofware owner is “eai” while the user to run the configurator is “eaidev”. Both “eai” and “eaidev” belong to the same group ie. “eaigroup”.

We are running the adapter configurator via the shell script provided by the webMethods software ie. adapter_config found in /webMethods/EnterpriseAdapter/bin

We have also set the permissions for adapter.cfg such that it is writeable to both users at the group level. The directory in which the adapter.cfg resides is also set to group writeable. ie at /webMethods/activesw/adapters40

Currently, the adapter monitor process is started up by the user “eai”. So are u saying that if we want to run the adapter configurator as the user “eaidev”, the process has to be owned by that user instead ie. “eaidev”?

FYI, running the configurator as the user “eai” has no problems but we would like our developers to use a different id from the software owner when running the configurator. So is this doable? Thanks for your help!

BTW, which guide explains the options for the adapter monitor program? I can’t find it in the install guide.

Also is the following process the adapter monitor process:

eai 8092 2943 0 11:45:05 ? 0:05 /software/web/webMethods/EnterpriseAdapter/bin/beans_adapter_exec -Xbootclasspa

Thanks for ur help!

Well, I can’t say that I’ve ever tried that particular setup. We’ve always used the same user to run both the adapter config tool and the monitor process, and I know that works. Afraid I can’t help much with running as a different user than the monitor process - you might want to try calling webMethods support.

The beans_adapter process is one of the actual adapters. The monitor should be adapter_monitor (or perhaps without the underscore).

As far as I know, there isn’t an actual document that explains adapter monitor options. Might be another thing to mention when you call support. :slight_smile:

Hi! Thanks for your reply. Well, I’ve contacted support and have not got any response from them as yet. For the moment we’ve decided to go ahead with using the same user for the adapter monitor process and for running adapter_config. It’ll be nice to have it seperate coz operationally it makes more sense ie. developers shouldn’t need to have such access. I’ll post a note here if support gives me a solution. Thanks for your help and have a nice day! :slight_smile: