Adapter Configuration tool or Adapter Manager


I am not much familiar with wM 4.6 version and have a question regarding Adapter Configuration. To my knowledge, Adapters can be configured either in Adapter Manager or Adapter Configuration tool. So, how does these tools differ in configuring? Is there any particular advantage of using one over the other?

Could someone plz help me on this?


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Adapter Config will allow you to configure adapter to connect to multiple brokers thru same Adapter Monitor, where as Adapter Manager requires you to configure different monitors (one for each broker).

Adapter config does not offer remote management. You should be able to remotely configure, start, stop adapters using adapter manager.

Thanks Chirag.

I have another question in here. I configured Fileio Adapter using Adapter Manager and was able to perform filepolling by specifying the Incoming, Working and Complete directories in the Configured Operation of the Enterprise Integrator. I have a small issue in here. I was able to filepoll properly with only some directory paths but not with others (but i have access for all the network directory paths that i were specifying).

I was getting the following error (for specifying some directory paths):

Invalid Incoming directory supplied

COM.activesw.adapter.devicit.AdapterApplicationException: Invalid Incoming directory supplied (FilePoll (FilePoll

Do i have to change any settings in the Adapter Manager or elsewhere for polling all specified directory paths?

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adapter manager is a client-server application that can be run on other machines beside the one hosting the adapter(s). adapter config must run locally on the machine hosting the adapter(s). The only problems with adapter manager is if you have any adapters running on an ADK < 4.6, you must use adapter config.

Hi Roger,

FYI: adapter is running on ADK 4.6 version. I was trying to give the network path of the fileshare residing on the Enterprise Server 4.6 and thats working fine but when i was trying to give the network path of the fileshare residing on wM IS 6.1 server, it was popping errors that were mentioned in the previous post. Could you think of anything at the top of your head?