adaopr db=dbid display=uq


with this utility command it is possible to find out which clients are connected via entire Network. Is there a way to display more then 8 char in the Node Id column? Because we have in our envireoment 15 char Node id and its hard to find out which client is responsible for st with only 8 char.


Hi Marvin,

have you tried di=uq_full? It seems like there’s more room for the node id there…


Node id appears to be truncated to 8 chars on di=uq_full too

The server name is thunderbolt, which appears to be used as the Node id

User Entry: Id : 2067 ES Id : 21495814
Node Id : thunderb Login Id : imarrow
User Id : *adaopr
Timestamp Id : 2-JUL-2013 14:29:22:107,937

    Id  Node Id   Login Id       ES Id   User Id    Type    Status
    --  -------   --------       -----   -------    ----    ------
  2068  thunderb  imarrow     15859726   *adaopr    UT

An Adabas session ID used for identifying an Adabas user session consists of an 8 byte node ID, an 8 byte user ID, a 4 bytes ES ID = Process ID and an 8 byte timestamp. => a 15 bytes Node ID is truncated to 8 bytes, and therefore only 8 bytes can be displayed.


thanks for the replys so far. Tried that too but without getting the information i want. Since wcp 7.4 there is an utility wcpadmin which give information about the connected hosts with “wcpadmin {Kernel} showhosts” but i need that for the whole db.