Adabas DBID number greater than 255

I am putting this out to the community to ascertain what interest there is in having SAG allow for a DBID number greater that 255. Currently in the Windows versions of Adabas we are restricted to a DBID number of 254 or less.

Our data center provides Adabas database services for many sites and between all the clients we have run out of database numbers.

The mainframe allows DBIDs up to 65535, so this supports the concept that 254 dbid’s is sometimes not enough.

Maybe you are in new territory running that many production databases on a Windows server?

You can enter a change enhancement for this requirement since you can demonstrate a real business need.


I am interested in your business needs in more detail. More than 254
production databases on one computer is quite a lot.
A new change enhancement would be good, even if we already had one.
The customer who entered the first one has at the end less than 254
database on one computer.


Wolfgang, The business need is simply that we have run out of DBIDs. Whatever number of databases allowed for on a mainframe should also be allowed for on a server. Entire Net-work to some degree makes the platform transparent therefore any such limitations should be consistent across platforms.

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It was nice to know that you have had the problem resolved. Thanks for
sharing your experience with all the people here. If you have any
questions, please feel free to post them in the community.