Adabas RESTful administration client

This code contains a sample use case of Adabas RESTful administration. The Swagger definition delivered in the Adabas RESTful administration server can be used to generate a RESTful clients.


adabas-admin-restful-client is an example using Swagger but it is a full Adabas RESTful administration server batch client which can be used to do almost all administration tasks on an Adabas database as well.

The example shows, how Adabas administration tasks can be generated using swagger generators. This examples uses the programming language GO but you can use the Swagger definition with other programming languages like Angular, Python or specific Java frameworks as well.

This example can be generated using GO 1.8 or higher.

The result is a command line access to the Adabas RESTful administration.

Further Instructions

For further instructions visit the repository at GitHub: adabas-admin-restful-client

   Software AG open code at:


Forking and pull requests are welcome. For bugs related to the code please create an issue in the Github Repository. For any questions or requests, please post a comment below.