ADABAS error code 53

I’m executing a COBOL3 CICS transaction calling ADABAS SQL and got error code 53. Reading the documentation this error applies to buffer length error.
This is a program that worked in COBOL II and after compiling in COBOL 3 started getting this error.
The DBA increased the buffer sizes of the database and says she cannot do anything else.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Hello aribob,

response 53 usually means that the fields that are specified in the format buffer do not fit in the record buffer.
In your case, could it be that a smaller record buffer size is calculated by the new COBOL compiler?

Otherwise, the usual steps to drill down. For example:

  1. command log with FB and RB of the response 53
  2. sum up the field lengths for the fields given in FB and compare with record buffer length.
  3. compare commands that worked vs. the one getting response 53

If that doesn’t give give a clou consider getting help from our support.

Here is a link for the response 53 reasons

Do you have the subcode of response 53?

Kind regards,
Marbod Mueller