ADABAS Cluster on Open Systems

Is it possible to run multiple instances of ADABAS on different servers sharing that same physical database in a HP-UX ServiceGuard cluster?

If not, are there any plans to add cluster support to ADABAS on Open Systems?


Sorry this is not possible in the current version and is not part of the next version.
For later versions Software AG will consider adding Cluster Support for OPEN SYSTEMS. However, the development effort must be justified by a corresponding market potential.

Rainer Herrmann

I would think that the justification is that customers are more likely to run a high-availability cluster on the Open Systems platform than on the mainframe. Specially if they are looking to migrate from the mainframe to Open Systems and need to maintain the same level of performance and high availability. Of course, it may be too late for ADABAS given that the big three Open Systems DBMS, DB2, Oracle and SQL Server already have cluster capabilities. Robert

Any changes since April 2006?

Under zOS, my client processes 1 billion Adabas calls per week against 350G of data. They are considering re-hosting the application to Open Systems.

Great success has been achieved here with several secondary databases implemented with cluster services for SQL Server. If we re-host Adabas to Windows or Unix, can we expect support of cluster services there, too?