ACL settings not getting reflected

Hi Guys

ACL settings are not getting reflected when we migrate the packages across env

Process we follow :

  1. Take export of package from developer , store it in CVS
  2. Configure all ACLs in Deployer IS instance
  3. Install the package to Deployer IS instance (Packages > Management > Install Inbound Releases)
  4. Migrate package from deployer IS instance to target env using deployer

Issue we are facing : even installing ACL before we install package in deployer IS instance, its not getting reflected in deployer instance first place hence not getting migrated properly to target env

Any help would be appreciated


Configure the ACLs after installing the packages on the Deployer instance.

Thanks Reamon

Yes we can do that but then I guess we need to go to each package and assign the ACL manually in Deployer instance
I agree it will save efforts to make changes on single deployer instance rather than going to each node of IS or TN cluster in target env
But is there anyway to get it reflected automatically in Deployer instance ?


I believe there are threads on the forums that describe techniques for copying ACL information from one environment to another. A search should turn up something useful.