ACL question

Hi all,

I just noticed the following behaviour:
When I deny all on a folder and grant again all on a subfolder, the corresponding user can very well modify (PUT) existing content in that subfolder and any descendant folders but cannot create (PUT) new content.

Is there any way to change this behaviour?

Interestingly enough it works as expected (at least by me :slight_smile: if I don’t deny all but only deny write.


Hello Guido,

if you deny all access rights of a user on a folder foo1 and grant again all rights at a direct descendant foo2 of foo1, the user should be able to create, delete or modify descendants of foo2, but he will not be able to delete or rename foo2, because this contains an update of foo1, which is not allowed for the user. If the modification of descendants of foo2 is not possible, it sounds like a bug and we will have a look at it.

regards Eckehard

Ah, this is on RC3 of TWS so it may very well be solved in the current version. I’ll check that.