ACI RPC bridge : varaible length structure

Suppose you have an ACI server. It receives a fixed length structure but sends a variable length return message composed of a fixed part with a variable length part containing a variable length array.

sample return message

1 F_field1 (A10)
1 F_field2 (A20)
1 F_returned_rows (A3)
1 rows (1:999)
2 V_field1 (A10)
2 V_field2 (A20)

F_returned_rows contains the actual number of rows returned and the ACI returned_length field is 33+x*30 depending on the number of occurences.
Can we map this via the RPC ACI bridge ?

Hi Jos

The bridge works with a property file. we could add some customization properties.

Some example:

We could have a simple property like Default_values_if_too_short_reply_message. Then the bridge could accept if the aci server sends a too short message and assign default values to the fields of the return RPC message. Defaults would be blanks for string, 0 for numerics, etc, etc.

We could even try more complex properties like:
meaning the number of occurences of the first table is available as content of field 3.