Accessing workflow thin client

I am running my workflow server on WIN XP on ports 9000/9001. I can connect to the workflow server from the workflow java client normally. Everything seem to work great. I made a project too. I try to connect to that project using html client using the servlet. The login page shows up and when I enter the credentials, workflow server name and project name , I get the following errors :

Error - Workflow Servlet requires a platform specific JDK 1.4 or incorrect results may occur.

[WKT.020.0025] unexpected exception: [WKT.020.0017] Connection to rmi://AneelLaptop:9000/com.wm.zeus.pd.classrv.PDClassServer timed out…

I am using workflow version 6.1. My servlet package version is 6.1.5.
One more thing… my jvm path in is set to …/Webmethods6/Jvm/Win142/bin

Any help in solving this is appreciated.