Accessing wm.server.triggers:getTriggerReport output

I have a problem with accessing data returned by above service. Automatically generated code from Developer tool says, there is no output for that service, but when calling from Developer, i receive plenty of data (presented on

Hi Kordian,

did you try running the service in IS Admin?
Packages > Management > WmRoot > Browse Services > wm.server.triggers:getTriggerReport

In the output you will find the structured values.

As this is an internal service, it has no public documentation and may change without notice. Therefor it has no output signature (in this case), but the objects exist in the output pipeline of the service.


Exactly! But I am not java geek unfortunately, so I need some help to access this data, a piece of code as an example. Could You help me?

You probably do not have to be a java geek. A good general programmer is well enough. What I usually do is make a new document type and a new specification to match the input and output signatures of the WmRoot service. Then I create a wrapper service to those signatures and have it call the internal service. This way I can easily plug the wrapper service in my other services and document the it is based on unstable code. If need be I can also take further action to make it forward or backward compatible if used in other release versions. Good day.

Yemi Bedu