Accessing SOAP from Mobile Designer

I have incorporated a WSDL into my Mobile Designer project and have generated the Java Client programs. All but one of them seem to come up with no errors but I am getting an error in the Binding Stub program that is complaining about a Hashtable not being generic. The line of code is as follows:

java.util.Enumeration keys = super.cachedProperties.keys();

The compiler is flagging the ‘super.cachedProperties.keys()’ specification.

I was wondering if anyone had seen this error before. Also, am I incorporating the WSDL and generated client into the project correctly? Is there a preferred approach? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Mark,

Without seeing the project, it’s difficult to know for certain what the problem might be. The supplied NativeUISOAP demo should show to include the stub classes though. As for your particular error, can you supply more info on the exact error. Generics are not supported through Mobile Designer currently, but I’ve not seen a situation where wscompile creates code using generics to begin with…