Accessing Process pipeline outside the process

Is it possible to access the values in the process pipeline outside the process.

I need to check the value of a variable which was part of the input to a step in the model. I have to check it in a flow service out side the process.

I tried using pub.monitor.service:getPipeline but I am not getting any output, does it depend on any property in the process model ?

I am using wM 712.

I think you have to use the Task Engine API or the Task Web Service API (check the manual webMethods Task Engine API and Service Reference).


for task steps you could proceed as Gerardo proposed in his post. For other steps I think that the pipeline is only saved for resubmitable steps. In your case you just need one variable. I would use logged fields in that case. Just mark the value you need to check as a logged field and use e.g. pub.monitor.process.instanceSteps:getStepCustomData or pub.monitor.process.instance:getInstanceCustomData to retrieve the value. (I am not completely sure about the service but there should be one to retrieve logged fields).

Hope that helps,