Accessing js and jsp files from /MWS/server/deploy/<packa

hi All,

In my application, I am trying to use a functionality provided via a 3rd party component.

This 3rd party component manual instructed me to copy a folder (lets name it as ThirdPartyFolder) which has static contents (jsp pages, js files, WEB-INF folder - inside WEB-INF folder some jar files and web.xml)
into root of my application.
I copied ThirdPartyFolder into /MWS/server/default/deploy/

I tried including the .js files present in ThirdPartyFolder into my portlet (inside package wmTestPackage) by setting the value property of include script component as ‘…/ThirdPartyFolder/thirdPartyJS.js’.

But at run time, it is failing to load thirdPartyJS.js into my portlet.
(I can see ThirdParyFolder and wmTestPackage folders are present under /MWS/server/default/deploy/ and thirdPartyJS.js file is present in ThirdPartyFolder)

  1. Could you please advice why my portlet is not able to load the third party javascript (thirdPartyJS.js)
  2. If third patry js file can be loaded, from with in my portlet, if I call javascript functions present in thirdPartyJS.js, it will try to open jsp pages present in ThirdPartyFolder.
    Is it possible to open these JSP pages or does MWS application server has restrictions to open .jsp files?

Kind regards,
Raja sekhar Kintali

It sounds like this 3rd party component is a web application. If so, you should be able to zip it up into a .war file and deploy it like any other web application.

Have you tried that?

hi Mark,

Thanks for your response.

Able to access this web application and it’s contents after creating and deploying war file for this web application.

Kind regards,
Raja sekhar Kintali