Accessing Integration Server cache inside API Gateway

Hello Community
I would like to know how can we access integration server cache inside API GW (v 10.11)?

Suppose I want to store some value in IS cache and I want to access that cached value in Request processing stage of an API to inject cached value in request header in request processing stage.

I would appreciate if experts in community please guide me how can I do that? How can I access/retrieve cached value (from IS cache) in request processing stage of an API in API Gateway?


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If the cache is in terracotta server you can connect to the same cache using API gw. If it is an IS internal cache I don’t know any direct connection methods but you can create a flow service in IS to retrive data from API GW.

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Hello @engin_arlak. Thank you for your response and your suggestion related to creating a flow service to store/access data from cache. I can understand the approach you suggested. Meanwhile, I am really interested to find out some way to do it without using flow service.

Let’s see if any other community member has any solution (other than using flow service) to read/write cache in API Gateway (specially in Request processing stage of API execution). Fingers crossed.


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