Accessing DB2 on AS/400 from Natural on z/OS

Client is a long-term Natural/Adabas user on z/OS .
They have DB2 on AS/400 for a new and important project now.
They inquire if there is a way of accessing DB2 on AS/400 from Natural running on z/OS directly
Natural SQL Gateway extends the reach of Natural mainframe applications to data stored on Open Systems SQL databases but what about DB2 running on AS400 ?
Or any other way ?
kind regards

Just use Natural for DB2 and access the remote database via DRDA.

This was what I thought but I could not figure out how I should connect Natural Application and DRDA Application Requester (AR)
I will investigate further on this path.
Many thanks

Catalog the db2 node and the db2 db pointing to the node, then connect should route to the remote database implicitly.