Accessing a WebService from VB application


I am new to WSDL. I have generated a WSDL file and i want to access this WSDL file from different VB applications. I want to do authentication and only allow few VB applications to access my WSDL file. How do i authenticate?
Any advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance.


not sure what you want. but from, there should be an automatic process to do that. You just get the wsdl file, or point to url from the tool.

there is also a microsoft toolkit for soap:

search around in msdn, it should tell you how to do it. If the arguments that you want to pass are all strings, you can also use vb client from the service instead of using web service.

Hi Kurt,

Thanks for your reply.

I am more interested in How to Authenticate various application accessing my WebService. Do you know any idea how authentication is done to protect my WebService from other applications?

Thanks in advance