Access to some files

Hi there,

One of my webmethods services is creating an image ; the image is saved on the disk, in the ‘pub’ folder of the package hosting the service.
On a web page i’ve got a tag img src = ‘http://myserver.mydomain:6666/mypackage/img.gif
which is generating an authentication demand
and i want to get rid of this authentication demand !

so i tried :

  • modifying the tag for
    img src = ‘http://mylogin:mypassword@myserver.mydomain:6666/mypackage/img.gif’
    but it’s not working
  • setting List ACL do anonymous on the package, reloaded the package, doesn’t work ; anonymous access is not what i’m really looking for but it would be better than nothing

any ideas ?


i omitted to say i also tried the
.access file
content =

*.gif : GET : anonymous

and which is not working neither

The syntax for .access files is

resource ACL

so you need to use the following line

*.gif Default

if you want any authenticated user to access or

*.gif Anonymous

if you want any user. You need to reload the package to pick up changes to the .access file.