Access Denied when authenticating using SSL


I have a web service which uses basic authentication over SSL.

I have prepared the following:
*I have the required certificate
*Configured (using the administrator) to use the certificate.
*Configured a port for SSL and added the package containing the service
*Created a remote server alias (using the new port) to test the communication and it works fine.

If entering https://host:port in the browser, a popup is displayed and i can view the certificate… but when I enter username/password I allways get “Access Denied”.

Is there anyone that could maybe give me a hint of what I might have missed?

Thanks in advance

hi Mikael,
You might want to check the ‘Execute ACL’ property of the service that you are trying to invoke. For starters set it to ‘anonymous’ and try executing the service again. And then you can assign it to the proper ACL.