Access Denied - Port Security Restrictions

I attempted to change the default port on my IS from 5555 to 1368 on a WinXP machine.

It is always safer to use higher port numbers than lower ones since your OS might be using these. In my case, I normally use easy to remember port numbers like 6666, 7777, 8888, etc.

By default, new ports are “deny by default” and only a small set of services are allowed. You need to add the services you want to run to this port or set the port to allow by default. You should not edit the port.cnf file (if that is what you tried to do). The admin guide has documentation on this as do the security best practice documents available on Advantage.

In reponse to the second post, port 1368 is fine as long as other services aren’t using it. It is best to check with netstat -an before you decide to use a port.

When I have to change the default port I usully do it like this:

  1. Add a new (HTTP) port; Regular; WmRoot;
  2. by default the new port is not enabled, AccessMode is deny by default;
  3. Click to AccessMode Edit and in the result page click on Set Access Mode to Allow by Default
  4. Enable the new port
  5. change primary port
  6. close browser window and connect ro IS to the new port
  7. If works fine just delete the old one

Good luck