'Access denied' error using TaminoLib.js in XMLHTTP

I’m trying to do a simple query in a Tamino 2.3.1 server from an HTML page using Tamino JScript API but I recieve an ‘Access Denied’ error.

I have debugged the error with MS Interdev and I’ve localized the error line in TaminoLib:

<BR>REQ.open("POST",this.XMLDB+extraPath,<BR>false,this.user,this.password); <BR>

The error is generated by the Microsoft.XMLHTTP object (REQ) used by TaminoLib.
The server works ok because I can do the query typing it directly in the browser’s URL textbox or from Visual Basic using TaminoX.ocx API.

You are being caught by browser security.

This happens under various circumstances and can be controlled by weakening the security settings you can find under Tools/Internet Options/Security

circumstances include

Your jscript program is referencing a Tamino on a different machine from the web page where the program is running.

The web page and tamino is on the same machine but the URIs are constructed differently (zone confusion) - always use the full hostname

for instance host.software-ag.de/mypages/mypage.htm
and host/tamino/mydb

In my case, the web server (Apache) which host the html pages and the .js is different from the Tamino Data Server (IIS4).

I will try to reduce the browser security level.