Accepted Tasks in Business Console


I have the default Task Inbox widget in a custom appspace, it is currently showing my tasks correctly.
The documentation states that once a task has been accepted it cannot be accepted by another. But this is not working for my task, it gets reassigned even if it has already been accepted.
I am using webmethods with fix levels as below:

Business Console 10.3 Portal Fix 8
Business Console 10.3 Runtime Fix 6

Any Business Console gurus out there that can help?


I believe it is a defect, which is already tracked under Support Incident #5427253. The Customer who reported the aforementioned incident is running MWS/BC 10.5, but I believe it is also applicable for 10.3. You could open an SI (Support Incident) and engage our SAG GS (Global Support). Please include all the necessary information so that GS may record and also review for any other issues that match.


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