About wm.art.admin:retrievePollingNotifications


I am facing an issue with IntegrationServer 7.1.3.
I see notifications not working and issue resolved after restarting IS.
Before restart i observed that “wm.art.admin:retrievePollingNotifications” and “wm.art.admin:setNotificationStatus” got stucked on IS.
Please provide details about these services.

Thanks in advance


Can you elaborate what is ‘services got stuck in IS’? Also, what adapter you are using? Even before you restarted your IS, you could have given a try by reloading the Adapter package (specific to JDBC, or MQ, etc.,) which might have resolved the issue as well…


Hi Senthil,
Thanks for your response.
I have multiple adapter packages and notifications on IS.I observed that thread count is increasing on document retreival level in triggers page. because of this all notifications stopped picking data from application servers. I did not find any message related to particular integration in the logs.Even the refresh of notifications and connections did not resolve the issue.
When i check in services usage page, i found 4 threads on “wm.art.admin:retrievePollingNotifications” service and 1 thread on “wm.art.admin:setNotificationStatus” service. These are not running, i came to know this by checking timestamp
Issue resolved after restarting the IS.
We faced this issue many times.
Hence i am trying to find out why these services got stuck at the time of issue. And i also want to know how these services are functioning.
fyi- we Increased logging level for below loggers
0116 Adapter Runtime (Notification) Trace
0117 Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service) Trace
0118 Adapter Runtime (Connection) Trace
0113 Adapter Runtime (Managed Object) Trace
0114 Adapter Runtime Trace
0001 JDBCAdapter Debug


Can any one help me in resolving this issue.
I am trying to understand how the below services work.

Thanks in advance