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Can someone please tell me if I can use only the TN console for my development activity in 7.1 version.

Or, is it mandatory to use Mywebmethods component?

The TN Console is normally used only to implement B2B integration scenarios. The development is done only using the webMethods developer. So we do the development of the code in developer and then use TN to integrate the developed code to implement a B2B scenario.


Seems to me that you are talking about the Deprecated features in TN Console, is this so?

TN Console provides us with features to:
- Create Document Types
- Create Processing Rules
- Create Agreements (TPAs)

The Deprecated features in TN Console that are now available in My Webmethods are:
- Enterprise (Company or Corporate Profile)
- Trading Partners (Partner Profile)
- Activity Log
- etc.

Although it is encouraged to use these features via My webMethods, it is not forbidden to use them in TN Console and they
function equally well. That is why you have the option to enable these deprecated features by :
-> TN Console -> View -> Enable Deprecated Features (IS must be up and running of course)

For additional information, there are other “Development and Design” Tools available in webMethods Product Suite:

-> Developer
- here you can create services (flow and java), etc.
- designed for both codeless and coded development

-> Designer
- develop process models and tasks

Services and IS Document Types referenced through the TN Console are developed using the Developer tool.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,