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Explain try & catch block?
how to write flow service to insert data into DB by using Flat File?
Difference between EAI & B2B?
wht is start transaction commit & roll back transaction & how to use them? wht do you mean by roll back transaction?
Type of transaction? Local ,XA,No transaction Explain?
Diff betn custom SQL & dynamic sql ?
Explain type of Notification? Basic Notification?
what is optimizer? how to create rule?
how to recognize the TN document? wht is document gateway?
how to handle large doc in TN? wht is batch process?
how to configure schedule queue in TN? wht is public,private?
wht type of protocol use in TN? wht is delivery service?
wht is pre & post processing action in TN?
wht is TPA? how to do configuration of TN certificate?
write flow service use start & commit transaction & applied to jdbc adapter service?
why are you using CMF? wht the use of intermediate document?
how to do batch process in TN?
wht is broker & broker server?
type of flow services?
diff bet loop & repeat?
explain exit step? wht are properties used in exit step?
explain sequence step? wht is branch step explain?
wht is invoke step?
wht is scope of variable that declared outside the main? is tht accessible in try & catch block?
wht is purpose of scope in branch step?
wht is ordered notification?
wht are way to reload packages?
wht is UDDI?
wht are components of WSDL?
how to invoke service by browser?
wht is diff betn web service use in v6.5 & 7.1?
wht is specification?
wht is purpose of format service specification?
is it possible to sort data using select adapter service?
deff betw savepiplelinefile to savepipline?
wht is a tracePline?
wht is purpose of clearPiplenine?
how to parse flatfile?
wht is trigger throttle?
wht is subscription trigger?
wht is best way for appending a doc a list?
wht are type of doc in WM?
wht will happen when publish doc deleted?
wht is purpose of iterate in convertToValue?
how to increase the performance of trigger?
in JDBC connection wht is purpose of block TimeOut and Expire Timeout
wht is connection pool?
wht will happen notification enabled,disabled & suspended?
wht is event manager & event handler?
diff insert,basic notification?
Purpose of canonical doc?
when IS is up & broker is down wht will happen when we are publish the doc?
wht is diff soapHttp,soapRPC in webservice call?
wht is deployer? explain
doc processing model?
wht is IDATA?
diff between flat file schema & dictionary?
types of jdbc transaction?
how to defin ACL?
Explain try & catch block in Java & flow service?
wht is transformer? diff of using transformer in service & direct invoke of service?
how to write java service ?
how to move code in diff IS? explain?
why packges is loaded partially?
how to handle error in code ?
wht are packages get loaded when u start IS?
how ll you ensure whether IS has started successfully?
wht are diff type of testing u perform in your code moving from dev to Prod?
where u can see installed jars?
how many broker you can connect to IS?
wht to recognize TN document? explain pre & post processing?
how to configure scheduled queue ? public,private?
how to handle large doc? how to do batch processing in TN?
How is flow service different from Java service?
How many flow steps are there, what are they, functional use of each in brief?
When an IS is started where is the session id stored.?
what do we have to do if the repeat flow step has to repeat infinitely.?
How to stop the service running when the repeat step is running infinite no. of times?
When IS is started where is the session id stored.?
In the exit flow step what are the three parameter used. when do we use them.?
Why do we need broker, use of broker server.?
we can accomplish the task of the broker of publish subscribe using reverse invoke server then why do we need broker.?
Local Transaction usage.?
How pipeline is handled in java services?
what is the method used to invoke the input output variables in java service.?
core java questions - basics?
difference bet loop and repeat?
what is the use of default and null in sequence flow step.?
When broker is down, where will the document sent be stored?

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I did not understand the Q, "what is optimizer? how to create rule? "

Did you mean what is Optmize for Infrastructure or Process?



Q here is How to create Rule in Optimize for Infrastructure?


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  1. tn --public queues —can we invoke a service in tn?
  2. when u create a notification in wm what are tables created in the back end
  3. what is the basic notification and how does it differs from others and what exactly we give in the query?
  4. what is the use of odbc 14 files …why do we use that
  5. did u create jdbc ,sap adapter ? not creating connections and all…
  6. what is the difference b/n rfc and bapi
  7. is rfc a synchronous ?
  8. how do u process an file without using tn, file polling mechanism
  9. document stores?
    10)design patterns
    11)how do create bapi / rfc in wm
    12)express pipeline in process modeler
    13)odbc driver diff ( i don’t remember the question exactly…some list of drivers differences )
    14)can we email the content from/to is ?
    15)reverse invoke – why do we need to go for reverse invoke even thou there is https mechanism which is a secured one ?
  1. webmethods architecture
  2. how adapter notification will react for bacth updates/inserts ?
  3. how do you ensure adapters are reliable ?
  4. How do you monitor the adpaters ?
  5. How do you monitor the flow services ?
  6. Role of commit in adapter notifcation ?
  7. What will happen if a same record is modified multiple times in a table within the polling interval time ?
  8. What do you mean by bpm suite ?
  9. Difference between business process model and bussiness process management ?
  10. why do we need an bpm ?
  11. Difference between process model level implementation and sevice level implementation ?
  12. soa ?
  13. how webmethods implements/make use of soa ?
  14. Explain the functionality of jvm ?
  15. What is j2ee ?
  16. What are all the notations you use in your BPM ?
  17. What are the requirements for exposing and consuming a webservice ?
  18. What protocols are used for exposing and consuming web services ?
  19. various webservice protocols used and differences ?
  20. web service standards ?
  21. server fail over mechanism implementation ?
  22. clustering implementaion ?
  23. How load balancing can be done in webMethods ?
  24. various bpm tools ?
  25. various messaging tools ?
  26. possibility and usage of any other alternative messaging tool or bpm tool with webmethods ?
  27. jms ?
  28. how messaging mechanism of webMethods is implemented ?
  29. how webmethods makes use of jms ?
  30. How an adapter works ?
  31. Differences between various adapter services ?
  32. What are all the database that the JDBC adapter can connect to ?


Basic working scenarios on webMethods developer to prase document list, implement JDBC adapter and publish-subscriber model.
Basic development quires on handling document lists, JDBC adapter, broker, pub-sub, IS, parallel processing etc.
Components in IS. Experience on ISAdmin and related information.
Implementation knowledge on basic concepts of webMethods like jdbc adapter, pub-sub model, IS.
Basics on webMethods & helping components.
Knowledge on the webMethods product suite. Development experience using webMethods product suite. Experience on Java. Experience on database.
Provide a good solution for a databases sync logic. Talk about the different trigger properties. Techincally knowledge of the transformers, etc., pipeline concepts, Provide a simple solution for a basic db sync logic. Clear understanding of clustering concepts.
EAI and messaging concepts.
Permission management, task distribution or managed bean concepts. Database & XML knowledge. Experience of IS or MWS and understanding on these.
Java & webServices concepts, flow step functionality, java services, Understanding on ESB.
Java services, database concepts / adapter services, Transformers, service auditing. BPM concepts and CAF concepts
How to Handle Large Flat Files ?
Senario :- 500MB of FlatFiles data getting Ftp into Ftp server so tell me how to write code or wM mechanism you use to handle this Large Flat File senario and then converted into documents then inserted into Database ?
Senario :- If Customer Invokes or Post data via webSite(internet) to webMethods system which will invokes Main service contain three subservices A,B and C which takes 1 mins each to execute each subservices so tell me how to cut down this 3 mins to 1 mins, what you will do ?
He/she must have Java experiecne may be 6 months to 1 year at most ?
Difference between 6.1,6.5 and 7.1.2 and 8.2 at Broker level ? As well as other wM components level ?
Difference between resubmit and reprocess in TN ?
Senario :- What mechanism to be use when 5 external Partners send data to wM and other 5 external don’t use TN ( they use different protocol to send data to wM like: http,ftp,https what mechanism to be used to send data to SAP system ?
In Application Support Project : what and how you will do to automate the process when in PROD server POs will failed in broker level ( No human interaction)?
How to do Large file handling In TN ?
Production Support :- what you will use and how you will configure critical transactions montoring in wM ?


Some more interview questions with answers at http://idnxchange.com/webmethods-interview-questions.html

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