A question on trigger

Hi All,
As we know that in IS admin page, under triggers page, we have a few columns like Active edit All/Q capacity/Q R Level/Active edit All.

What’s the importance of Col1 and Col4. How they differ from each other ?


Col1 --> Document Retrieval

Col4 --> Document Processing

You can try a small POC. Make it Yes/No in Col1 and Col4 and see the results.

Hi RP,

Column 1 is related to Document Retrieval [How many document(s) retrieve from Broker and When?], while 4 is related to document processing [Document processed by trigger and How]. So you can retrieve the document from broker but suspend its processing or may not retrieve the document from broker at all. [Keep a note that it is trigger properties].

I guess the check box [Apply change permanently], is to maintain the status even after your session expires or you log off.

Edit of Column1/4 takes you to same page to set the behavior of Document Retrieval and Document Processing. [I hope statues are clear to you].



P.S. Experts: Please correct me if I have misquoted something.

Thanks both for your information.

Additional information:

Apply Changes permanently indicates if the settings will be persisted even if the IS restarts or if they will be reverted to last saved state upon next IS restart (indicated by a “*” behind the yes/no-link).


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