A Beginner's Guide to webMethods CloudStreams: Features and Functionalities

What is webMethods CloudStreams?

webMethods CloudStreams is a powerful integration platform designed to help easily connect cloud-based and on-premises applications. Featuring an intuitive interface, an extensive range of connectors, and flexible deployment options, CloudStreams enables seamless communication between different apps, allowing for data synchronization and process automation. Some functionalities include:

Key Features of webMethods CloudStreams

User-Friendly Interface

This drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for technical and non-technical users to create and manage integrations without in-depth programming knowledge.

Wide Range of Connectors

CloudStreams provides pre-built connectors to popular SaaS applications like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Marketo, as well as support for industry-standard protocols such as REST, SOAP, and OData.

Robust Monitoring and Management

With CloudStreams, you can monitor and manage your integrations from a central location. This includes real-time alerts and root cause analysis capabilities that help you maintain the quality of service and performance of your integrations.

Flexible Deployment Options

CloudStreams can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud, providing flexibility depending on specific requirements.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

CloudStreams is built on a multi-tenant architecture that supports scalability and ensures the security of data and integrations. This allows multiple users to work in a shared development environment while maintaining separate production environments.

Custom Connector Framework

CloudStreams offers a unique framework that allows you to develop your own connectors. This way you can fine-tune integrations to your specific needs.

Integration Recipes

With CloudStreams, you can utilize pre-configured integration templates, known as “recipes,” to expedite your integration projects.

Synergy with Other Software AG Products

webMethods.io Integration:

Our leading integration platform as a service (iPaaS) can be used alongside CloudStreams to further enhance your integration capabilities and simplify the process of connecting your applications.

webMethods API Gateway

By combining CloudStreams with API Gateway, you can manage and secure your APIs, ensuring that your integrations are protected and compliant with industry standards.

webMethods Integration Server

Combine the strengths of both platforms, such as pre-built connectors from CloudStreams and advanced orchestration capabilities from Integration Server to create more complex and customized integrations. This allows you to monitor and manage your integrations from a single, unified interface, providing a better overview and control of your integrations.

A simple use case

A fintech offers various products such as savings accounts, loans, and investment options. To streamline the customer onboarding process, it needs to automate data synchronization and communication between multiple applications, including CRM, loan management, and compliance systems. The company aims to reduce manual data entry, increase accuracy, and enhance the overall customer experience. Here’s how CloudStreams can help:

  • CloudStreams offers a seamless integration between CRM (e.g., Salesforce) and a loan management system. With CloudStreams’ pre-built connectors, the data related to new customers and their loan applications can be automatically synchronized between the two systems to eliminate manual data entry, reducing errors, and saving time.
  • CloudStreams can integrate the company’s compliance and KYC systems, automating the process of gathering required information and documents from customers. When a new customer applies for a loan, CloudStreams can trigger the KYC system to request identification documents, perform background checks, and validate customer information against various regulatory databases.
  • CloudStreams allows to connect with external APIs, such as credit scoring services, to retrieve credit scores for new customers. This data can then be used to assess the customer’s creditworthiness and inform loan approval decisions.
  • CloudStreams can also integrate the company’s customer support platform (e.g., ServiceNow) to streamline communication with customers. For example, when a customer’s loan application is approved, CloudStreams can trigger an automated notification through the support platform, informing the customer of the approval status and next steps.

Difference between CloudStreams Server and CloudStreams connectors

webMethods CloudStreams Server

The CloudStreams Server is the core component responsible for managing and executing integrations between various applications and services. It handles data transformation, routing, and communication between different systems. The server also manages connections with external SaaS applications using various authentication methods like HTTP Basic, OAuth, and JWT. It also provides monitoring, management, and security features for your integrations.

webMethods CloudStreams Connectors

These are pre-built connectors designed to simplify the process of integrating specific applications and services. Connectors enable seamless connectivity to popular SaaS applications like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Marketo, as well as support for industry-standard protocols such as REST, SOAP, and OData. They simplify the integration process by handling authentication, and data mapping, for the supported applications.

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