9999:wm.tn.portal.queries:doQuery (docTypeQuery) encountered execution error.

i got this error in mws and create document option is not showing after clicking on document types.if any one had faced please reply to this post
Thanks Regards

can some one help me on this

Hi Mahesh,

please provide your wM version as well as the Fixes applied for TNS and TN_MWS.

Is there a corresponding error message in the server.log from IntegrationServer?
This one might have more details than that from the MWS full.log.



I ma getting the below error when I click on Activity log in MWS. Please help.

###:wm.tn.portal.dls:getActivityLogActionPermissions encountered execution error. [SoftwareAG][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00936: missing expression


Is the TN product database is installed to the latest version?

Can you check by running the database component configurator?