8.2 windows 64 bit upgrade

Hi Experts,

I have webMethods 8.0 version installed in my PC, all are configured MWS, Broker and DB tables and all are running fine.
Now I want to move to 8.2 version, I don’t have 8.2 fix image but I have full image file of 8.2 version.
1)If I install 8.2 over 8.0 in the same windows folder where the old 8.0 exits, will the version be changed to 8.2 and will the updates get installed properly, do I need to again configure tables for all (IS,mws) or not required in this case.
2) If the above option 1 doesn’t work, then I will go with fresh installation of 8.2 version, after installation do I again need to configure the tables or not required.
Please let me know best and easiest way


Hi Sandeep,
Basically you want to upgrade from 8.0 to 8.2. Please follow the instructions mentioned in the Upgrade guide to do this task. All the steps are explained in detail in the Upgrade guide.

The guide is available in Empower at the below location.