8.2 Broker shutting down frequently

Hi All
We are upgrading our current webMethods infrastructure from version 6.5 to 8.2 and as part of that we have installed broker server on RHEL 5 but its shutting down frequently in about every 2-3 hrs and even integration server logs are showing disconnection and reconnection every 30 seconds.Same issue is happening with 8.0.1 broker server as well.

Has anyone installed 8.2 broker server on RHEL 5 and faced similar kind of issues.


Not heard of this sort of problem; I would suggest raising this with customer support.

Not to sound like SAG themselves… but do you have the latest fix for 8.2? Check the release notes - i think i saw something on broker restarts.


Hi Anuj,

  Please find the fix details for the respective webmethods versions. 

8.2.1: BR_8.2_SP1_Core_Fix1 - webMethods Broker Server 8.2 SP1 Fix 1 - 7/6/2011

8.0.2: BR_8.0_SP2_Core_Fix3 - webMethods Broker Server 8.0 SP2 Fix 3 - 4/8/2011

Try to apply these fixes from empower, And let us still this abnormal behavior of Broker shutdown persists.


Have you checked why the Broker is shutting down? The reasons should be viewable on the Broker logs or sometimes will be visible in the syslog depending on how you have installed. While Broker is generally recommended to be kept at current patch levels and patching may help, knowing why it is shutting down may also be useful.

One reason for the Broker shutting down is if memory is exhausted. This can occur if the Broker is asked to assign more memory for new volatile messages but cannot, then the behaviour is to restart which clears all existing volatile content.

On UNIX I have seen this occur particularly when the ulimit has not been set correctly, or when the ulimit for the system is too low for the Broker processes. While system memory looks fine, the awbroker process is not permitted to access the memory.