601 Platform on AIX

I wanted to know if any one has experience installing and running webMEthods6.0.1 Integration Server and Trading Network on a AIX 5.3 platform. I have been trying to find specific documentation on webMethods on AIX on the advantage site, but I have had no luck so far.


The install for AIX is the same as for any other UNIX except that you will use the JVM from IBM.

The last project I worked on AIX, I was able to make ONE build and then replicate the build by copying the directory from the first machine to the others.

We used 2 boxes to hardware cluster the Broker and 2 boxes and a load balancer to software cluster the integration server.



Ray thanks for you comments… I was just hoping there was some certification documentation that would show compatiablity by wm component and may be even performance charts. Considering AIX 5.3 is a fairly new version of the OS.

Actually, there is a guide:


that contains all of the compatibility information. If you are a licensed webMethods customer, call support and ask directly.

Be prepared to have all the information necessary like O/S, JVM, etc.