601 Model with Retries


We have a model that has a loop in it. The purpose of the loop is to check the status of a external job that is running. The first step in the model checks the job. if it is complete the model ends, otherwise it goes to another step that sleeps for 60 seconds. It then goes to another step that does nothing and finally goes back to the start step and checks again. The problem we are facing, is that it works fine once, but seems to stop working after one iteration. Once it stops working, no models (of the same type) seem to work until we retart IS.

Each of the steps involved has a unlimited retry (retry = 0)


I don’t know exactly how to fix your problem, but here are a few notes from my experiences with looping in Modeler 6.0.1.

–Modeler and the PRT have several fixes available, several that are quite important for normal operation.

–To help troubleshoot the problem, take note in Monitor at each step in the process.

–Sometimes, just re-wiring the whole model was required.

–Turn up the logging level to, say, 8 and enable only “pub flow services” and “process runtime” components

–After struggling with a looping model for quite some time–even with direct support from webMethods–we eventually rewrote it to publish a document to restart the process instead of looping. This worked much better, but may not be needed in your case.