5.0 API Leaks Handles

We are running on a Windows 2000 platform.

I have found an additional issue with the handles and the 6.0.1 broker:

The broker crashed sometimes in June. After troubleshooting all the probable causes, we determined that one reason for the crash may be that the broker was not releasing the handles and the handle count was increasing on a daily basis and we discovered that the broker/awbroker.exe is holding in excess of 100K handles. The broker has been running since then but we need to find the reasons for not releasing the handles.

I can see the handles increasing for the awbroker.exe service and the only way to release those handles is to restart the broker and the server. Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

You can look at the following:

  1. BrokerClient API newOrReconnect method, allows you to re-use connections / instantiated BrokerClient objects inside your code.
  2. BrokerConnectionDescriptor API allows you to define the BrokerClient descriptors. You can setup various connection parameters including sharing connection state and if you are using SSL certificates to connect to the broker.

Let me know how goes it.