46 EI tool crashing 411 broker server

Has anyone else seen this?? One of our developers attempts to connect the 4.6 EI tool a broker and while waiting for the response, the broker server crashes.

Now, this broker is in a territory of two total brokers (the other has a gateway defined on it), there are about 120 client groups and nearly 500 event defs…

The errors in the broker.alert state:
#1193 Maximum transaction size exceeded. [EXITING]
#1033 Unexpected stop of Enterprise Server in directory /u05/app/broker/default pid 2620 - exit code 1
#1132 Persistent data file Broker-pers is out of date, attempting recovery.
#1133 Persistent data file Broker-pers is out of date, performing a partial reset of brokers and client queues.

The broker server restarts on it’s own…

My guess is that the EI tool is building an event that exceeds the 8MB limit of the broker… and the broker crashes…

Doesn’t this mean wM is exceeding a limit they designed? Hence causing an issue for thier own tools?

We use our 4.1.1 tools to connect to our 4.1.1 broker, and our 4.6 tools to connect to our 5.0.1 broker. I would recommend having both sets of tools installed on your workstation and accessing the broker of choice with the appropriate version of tools.

The admin staff has multiple versions of the tools, it’s the developers

They claim they need some new feature… My issue is with wM, I guess, as they state the tools should work without issue…

An interesting question is, why are they using guaranteed storage type for the event they are building? Only guaranteed events are subject to the 8MB limit. Volatile events should suffice for tools.