2314 xquery and 3111 xquery

Hi All,

I have tried the following query in Tamino Interactive Interface version and
It works fine in
messageline: “XQL Request processed, no object returned”

but I’ve got an error in
messageline: ““INOXIE8319”>Internal error occurred during query processing: unknown request”

I have to rewrite my query-parser to change my query something like this:

The DocContent/Document type is ANY, the index-type is text. It has no child nodes (in schema definition), it contains the total XML document. I uploaded (without any changes) the version 2 schema to the

My questions are:

1. Why does not work the above query in
2. What is about backward compatibility?
3. The same query does not work under different versions?

Thanks in advance,

This is a bug with nested filters and in fact it does not work as it should in both versions. With slightly different behaviour, though:

    in 2.3, the ~= operator is not passed to the index processor because of a problem with binding the operator to the proper text index. The result is correct, but performance may suffer, because the index is not used.
    in 3.1, the ~= is passed to the index processor, but the nested filter is not correctly processed there, resulting in the 8319 response.
A workaround could be to use the equivalent query

/CompleteDocument[DocContent/Document[NITF and .~=‘Training’]]

moving the ~= into the inner filter. This avoids both of the above effects and will use the text index in 2.3 and 3.1.

A fix for this bug will of course go into future versions. Please contact Tamino support for availability.

Best regards,
Gunther Rademacher
Tamino Development