%23 of Adapter Processes %3d 1 %3d single threaded

I have a JDBC Adapter that connects to DB2 on OS/390. Occassionally it will throw a deadlock exception. Our DBA’s tell us that the user the adapter logs in with is experiencing contention with itself (the user who’s locking the table and the user that’s trying to access the table).

This confuses me. Only this single adapter instance uses that user id. It’s not used for anything else. I would believe that if the # of Adapter Processes is set to 1 then the adapter should act as though it’s single threaded, and therefore, can only do one query at a time and the user id should never contend with itself. Right?

I’ve contacted webMethods support but no matter how simple I tried to make this question I never did get a straight answer.

We have experienced this with other adapters. It had been always because some developer was running the adapter with the same db config in their local box.

We should be ok on that one. This is in production. I would expect that that type of scenario would most likely occur in a development/test environment.

Hi I am also facing this problem while connecting AS400/ DB2 through JDBC Adapter, we are getting deadloack exception

Did you guys get any solution for it, please let me know