2008 View - webMethods on Linux AMD

I would like to hear the thoughts of the forum on running webMethods on Linux AMD. Do you all know how much of an install base Software AG and webMethods has on this OS as compared to Solaris? I suspect that Linux is gaining ground over the years.


The webMethods System Requirements 7.1.x available on Advantage seems to suggest that most WM products are already certified on Red Hat AS/ES 4.0 running on AMD 64-bit hardware in addition to 64-bit OS versions from Sun, HP and IBM.

I doubt many customers are running any enterprise applications on the Linux/AMD64 combo yet simply due to its newness.


My understanding is that the two of them are quite happy. :smiley: Actually and don’t fall out of your chair, it runs very well on Windows. I know you are gasping for air right about now. But I’m actually seeing similar stability that I saw on Solaris while gaining some performance on the Intel processors.