10.3 : HTTP Basic Authentification

I want to secure my API with a basic authentification.
I added into my Policies the Identify & Authorize Application with thoses parameters :

Then i created a new application called FOO and added it to my API related applications.
I can’t find where to configure my basic auth password. I set a Username identifiers TOTO and tried a request with :
TOTO + no password
TOTO + API key

Always get an Unauthorized application request.

How to do do that ?


Hi David Mouton,

For HTTP Basic Authentication, you have to configure the user and password as part of API Gateway users. You can create user using “select dropdown in top right corner -> User Management -> Users tab-> Add User button”.

You just need to configure the username alone in the application under the option “Edit application -> Identifiers tab -> Other identifiers dropdown -> Select username in dropdown -> Enter username and click add”.

Please make sure you link your application with your API since you have selected “Registered applications” option.



I have the seme problem as David and cannot get http basic auth. to work.

I have created an application and added details for identifer username and pwd (Administrator+manage).
Username:Basic QWRtaW5pc3RyYXRvcjptYW5hZ2U=

In my API I have added my application as a selected application.

I have also added the Identify & Authorize Application policy with the condition “OR” and identification type HTTP Basic Auth - registrered applications.

But stil I get “Unable to identify the application for the request”

Is this not the way to do it?